Prospective & New Scouts

Thank you for your interest in Troop 138! We would be thrilled if you choose to join the Troop 138 family in your Scouting adventure! If you have any questions or would like more information, please email us at

Leader Contact Information

The following adults are registered Troop 138 Leaders, and all are required to maintain updated Youth Protection Certification and current clearances:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I visit Troop 138 before committing? Definitely! We encourage anyone who is interested in exploring Scouts to join us during one of our regular Wednesday meetings starting at 7:00 PM at Bethlehem Lutheran Church or for any of our recruiting events that are listed on our Troop Calendar. Although not necessary, we advise that you contact one of the leaders listed above before coming, so we can make sure we welcome you appropriately.

Q: Who can join Troop 138? Any youth between the ages of 11 and 17 who did not participate in Cub Scouts can join Troop 138. Cub Scouts who have earned the Arrow of Light Rank and are at least 10 years old, or who have completed the fifth grade and are at least 10 can also join us.

Q: Can girls join Troop 138? In Scouting, Troops are not "co-ed". As such, there needs to be a separate, but affiliated, Girls Troop 138 in order for a girl to participate. We are currently exploring local interest to ascertain whether there is enough interest to start a girls troop. If a girls that you know is interested in Scouting, please contact our Membership and Recruitment Coordinator, Michael Fec, at (412) 716-0634.

Q: Can mothers camp with the kids and serve as Leaders? Yes! Mothers are welcome to participate in every capacity that Fathers do, including camping, serving as a Leader or Committee Member, participating in high adventure trips, and more!

Q: What training is required of Leaders and Committee Members? All registered leaders are required to undergo and follow Scouting's Youth Protection Training and obtain the appropriate clearances annually. In addition, all Committee members are asked to complete the Troop Committee Challenge Training and our Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters take various trainings as described here.

Q: Can my child participate in other activities in addition to Scouting? Yes! We believe that a well-rounded Scout makes the best Scout. Although it can be a challenge, we encourage Scouts to be involved with other activities including sports, music, civic leadership, and more.

Q: Who do I contact for more information? If you have any questions at all, please reach out to any of the leaders listed above.

Meeting Information

We meet every Wednesday at Bethlehem Lutheran Church at 7:00 from September through July (we take off the month of August). During the cooler months, Scouts are expected to wear full Class A Uniforms to meetings. In the warmer months, Class B uniforms are acceptable (Troop or other Boy Scout T-Shirt, Scout pants or shorts, and an optional scouting cap). The Troop Scoutmaster will announce when Scout should switch uniforms.

For new families, the Troop does have a few used pieces of uniform apparel that were donated from past Scouts, so you can check with one of the leaders to see what's available.

Camping, Events, Activities, and Trips

Each year, the Scouts plan and implement a camping trip every month for the months of September through June, sleeping in tents in the warmer months and in cabins/indoors in the colder months. In July, the Troop attends summer camp at Seven Ranges Scout Reservation in Kensington, OH typically the last week of the month.

In addition to these, the Troop attempts to go on 1-2 backpacking trips each year and a family spring/early summer trip. Past family trips have included Washington, DC, Detroit, Gettysburg, Dayton, OH, and many other fun locations!

Finally, the Troop will be attending the Sea Base High Adventure Program in June of 2023. Although this trip is already booked, we intend to offer this or other High Adventure trips again in coming years. For a full description of the BSA High Adventure Bases, please see this website.

Troop Philosophy

We are a Scout-led Troop that believes in the Patrol Method of Scouting. The Patrol Method allows Scouts to interact in a small group outside the larger Troop context, working together as a team and sharing the responsibility of making their Patrol a success. A Patrol takes pride in its identity, and the members strive to make their Patrol the best it can be.

Financial Matters

For official information on the fee structure of the Laurel Highlands Council (of which Troop 138 is a part), please see this information on the Laurel Highlands Council Fee.

The Troop 138 Treasure maintains accounts for each Scout including deposits, expenses and a running balance. Typical expenses charged to Scout accounts include dues, camping costs, and High Adventure fees. Patches, merit badges, etc. are paid from the Troop's general funds. Scouts are required to have a uniform, and all costs associated to the uniform are the responsibility of the Scout's family.

New Scouts

Anyone joining Scouts for the first time must pay a $158 fee upon registering, which will renew annually from the date of registration.

Scouts Crossing Over from Cub Scouts

Dues for Scouts crossing over will be first collected on July 1 for $25 and then will follow the schedule listed above going forward.

Existing Scouts

The BSA requires that every Troop register its Scouts every year. As such, for existing Troop 138 Scouts the Troop collects the payments listed below from each family over the course of the Scouting year, which is January to December. Of the total, $133 goes toward the Scouts registration and the other $67 goes towards Troop costs such as insurance, merit and rank badges, trailer maintenance, camping equipment, camping supplies (toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, etc.).


To help offset Scouting costs, monthly fundraisers are offered. These are completely optional and whatever the Scout raises goes directly to the Scout's account. In addition, there are some Troop-level fundraisers, including a community Pancake Breakfast that is held at Bethlehem Lutheran Church the Saturday before Thanksgiving and the Saturday before Mother's Day each year. Proceeds of this go toward paying for Troop-level expenses such as insurance, merit badges and rank patches, leadership registration, etc.