Troop 138 Committee

The Troop 138 Committee meets the third Tuesday of every month, with the excerption of July each year. Any parent or guardian of a Scout in the Troop are welcome to attend, regardless of whether or not s/he is a Committee Member.

Committee Members and Volunteers (Updated 2022-08):

    • Committee Chair: Larry Reuss (412) 719-5863

    • Committee Treasurer: Tim Lienemann

    • Committee Secretary: Tara Ronel

    • Advancement Coordinator: Mike Dunn

    • Chaplain: OPEN

    • Equipment Coordinator: Michael Fec

    • Training Coordinator: OPEN

    • Outdoor & Activities Coordinator: Nate Fine

    • Membership Coordinator: Michael Fec

    • Fundraising Coordinator: Tim Taylor

    • Health & Safety Coordinator: Wendy Turner

    • High Adventure Coordinator: Michael Fec

    • Charter Organization Representative: Shannon Rau

    • Church Liaison: Jim Rau

Our Troop is only as strong as the volunteers who support it. Therefore, we can always use more help either to assist a Committee Chairperson or head up one of the areas that is not yet. Here are the descriptions of the Committee Chairperson roles and responsibilities.

Troop 138 Roles, Responsibilities, and Owners